• Episode 9 Movies for Halloween

    On this weeks show the guys discuss some of the best movies to watch for Halloween as well as review some newer movies like 3 From Hell, Midsommar and It Chapter 2.

  • Episode 8:Midget Squad For Life

    On this weeks show we discuss how Ireland copes with all the storms, clowns masturbating in burgers, parent killing cults, the return of glitch hop and Disenchantment season 2.

  • Episode 7:They Tried to Make Me Go To Rehab

    On this weeks music centric show we discuss some of the best music documentary’s, James Hetfields return to rehab, Glitch Rap and what it takes to make it in the music industry today.

  • Episode 6: Haunted Dartmoor and the Burrito Bandit

    On this weeks show we discuss a few of the paranormal goings on in Dartmoor including The Hairy Hands of Dartmoor, Wistmans Woods and Kitty Jays grave. We also discuss how Marvel treats its creators and review the new documentary…

  • Episode 5: Spider-Man Ate My Dog

    On this weeks episode the guys discuss science, Spider-Man, The Master Race, vacations and what the wacky Catholic church have been getting up to.

  • Episode 3: Is Batman Irish?

    On this weeks show the guys explore Batman’s heritage and make some shocking discoveries. They discuss Marvel phase four and bitch about Star Wars for the umpteenth time. They also explore the benefits of Satanism in a Disney world and…

  • Episode 2: Bosco’s Top 5 Serial Killers

    On this weeks show the guys discuss their favourite serial killers and how Irish kids TV shows influenced their decision. They also discuss Metallica killing bears, men called Warrior and why Annabelle Comes Home may be the movie which will…

  • Episode 1: Irish Vampires and Monkey Men

    On this weeks episode we explore some myths around Irish vampires such as the Dearg Due, monkey human hybrids in China and strange goings on in the Antartic. We also talk about the excellent TV show The Boys and discuss…