• Episode 19 :I For One Welcome Our Robotic Overlords

    On this weeks relaxed/drunken episode we discuss humanity’s bright future as slaves to silly robots, Stephen “Chumbmawumba” King, how wonderful the life is now that tools in the world and terrible teachers.

  • Episode 17: A Very Danzig Christmas

    On this weeks festive murderfest we discuss our favourite Christmas movies, the upcoming war between elves and humans, Danzig, OJ, hating Star Wars and the real life Flash.

  • Episode 16: Dungeons and Lumberjacks

    On this weeks show we talk about an AI controlled dungeon filled with women and lumberjacks, model railway UFO replicas, Ghostbusters, Care Bears, Demonic Possession and Doctor Sleep.

  • Episode 15: The Irishman

    On this weeks show we give our uneducated opinions on The Irishman, upcoming Marvel movies, 80’s toy, Google Ads spying on us and the amazing soundtrack to Watchmen.

  • Episode 14 : Once Upon A Neon Maniacs

    On this weeks movie centric show the guys discuss why Legend of the Overfiend and A Serbian Movie make a great double bill for date night. They also talk about Ready or Not, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and…

  • Episode 13: Who Did A Poo At A Ghost Concert

    On this weeks show we discuss how you can become Spider-Man by using heroin, people taking a crap on a concert floor, Ghost in concert, Morgan Freeman hauntings and other weird news from around the globe.

  • Episode 12 :Mr Tayto Hates the Dead

    On this weeks show we discuss tasty blood diamonds, crisp mascots disrespecting the dead, gangster heads of state and how to be a gentle man alcoholic.

  • Irish Anime Dating Club

    On this weeks show we discuss Derry Girls, Ireland in the 90’s Roald Dahl, The Joker, the excellent documentary about 80’s horror movies called In Search of Darkness and how to get your girl friend into Anime.